V2 have worked with us to move our training from 100% face to face and paper based to a great mix of online and face to face. Students are loving it and so are we!

StephenTraining Manager

I have worked with David over many years. More recently he has been instrumental in setting up an online course for our school. David has done an outstanding job of taking our concept and making it a reality. He is both creative and approachable and I have no hesitation in recommending him for future projects.

David Wweb producer

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Nicolas Blackriverweb developer

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James Richardsonaccount manager
I’ve worked with V2 both as a client and as a partner. V2’s difference is that they are backward in designing and developing solutions – in a really good way! ¬†They work backwards, from the learner outcomes and the organisational impacts you are looking for, so that the customised solution ideally suits the circumstances.
In every other way, V2 is forward-looking – always on top of training and technology trends.
Sandra Lawrencephotographer

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Jennifer Greenfieldwriter & journalist